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Looking to make money off your parcel of vacant land?

Do you no longer have use for your land?

Tired of paying property taxes every year?

Holding your property for months or years because you think it won’t sell?

Would you like a hassle-free solution to sell your land?

FAST CLOSING: We pay cash and close quickly, no surprises

NO COMMISSIONS: We are buyers so no Realtor fees ever

NO CLOSING COSTS: We pay all title, escrow, & closing fees

PAIN-FREE SALE: We want to buy your land and make it easy for you

We buy land fast and for cash. We strive to make the sale process very easy for our clients. 

Our goal as a land buying company is to help you sell your land fast so that you can focus on what’s more important to you.

Simply fill out our online property assessment worksheet and you will receive a written offer from us within two weeks.


STEP 1: We Research Your Land

You complete our property assessment worksheet and we get to work right away reviewing its value based on county tax information, local sales data, access to roads and utilities, etc. 

STEP 2: We Provide You An Offer

After we have determined that your property meets our purchasing criteria, we provide you with a fair offer via email or phone and answer any questions you have.

STEP 3: We Sign An Agreement

Once we’ve agreed upon a price to purchase your property, we’ll provide you with a simple purchase and sales agreement that can be completed electronically or by courier if you prefer. Most of our sellers appreciate the ease and speed we provide. 

STEP 4: Close And You Get Paid

When the agreement is signed we set up a closing date and our team of title professionals and closing attorneys prepares the closing documents. We pay all closing costs and there’s no need for you to travel.


Our goal is to make it as easy on you as possible to get paid quickly for vacant land that you no longer want to be burdened with.



How does this work?

We buy vacant residential land as an investment. If you’re visiting this page it is because you have either received a letter from us explaining our desire to purchase your land or you are responding to one of our advertisements. In either case, you have vacant land that you would like to sell for cash. We are a group of real estate investors that buys vacant land anywhere in the United States and we want to buy yours. Simply complete our online property assessment worksheet and we will provide you with a written offer for your property within 10 business days. If you agree to our offer, we will set up the closing, handle all of the paperwork, and pay all of the fees and we can usually close within 4 – 6 weeks of receiving a signed purchase agreement. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Are you going to list my property on the MLS?

No! We are real estate buyers, not real estate agents. We are the principal buyers of the transaction and therefore we never charge any listing fees or sales commissions. This allows up to provide you with a fair offer and close quickly, so you don’t have to wait for months upon months to sell your unwanted land.

Why shouldn't I just sell it myself?

You certainly could, but why haven’t you done so already? Land can be difficult to sell because the demand is often limited and it take months or even years to sell on your own. Banks also don’t typically lend money for vacant land so you would have to find a cash buyer to sell your property to or accept owner financing which means you would only get a small amount of money on a monthly basis. Listing with a Realtor results in sales commissions and you will likely find that the agent (or broker) doesn’t give it much attention since raw land typically results in less of a percentage than improved property.

How much will I receive for my property?

That will depend on many factors which is why we perform extensive research prior to making an offer. Some of the factors that influence the offer we provide are size, shape, location, demand, zoning, access to utilities and roads, assessed value, and local real estate market conditions. Once we have thoroughly researched all of these items, we will present you with a fair offer and the ability to close quickly. And we pay all of the closing costs and fees.

What if my title isn't clear, has liens or other owners

We have experience buying all types of properties with numerous title circumstances. We have access to professional title agents and attorneys that can find a solution for almost any title issue and we provide the necessary resources to fix title issues when necessary.

What if I owe taxes or dues?

The important thing to know is that you do not have to pay any money out of pocket to sell your land to us. Any arrears owed for taxes or dues will be negotiated as part of our offer and will be paid with the proceeds of the sale at closing. 

What if I don't have my original deed?

That is not a problem either as we have title agents that will acquire most all of the records needed for closing from the county directly (provided they were recorded correctly). Again, this will not cost you anything since we cover all fees.


PLEASE NOTE: You are not required to complete every field, only the one’s that are marked (*Required). However, the more information you provide, the faster we can provide you with an offer to buy your property. Completing this form DOES NOT obligate you to sell your property to us.
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